Friday, 4 April 2008

Astronomer needed...

Another lenient sentence. Any astronomer out there who can tell me what planet this judge is on, please let me know.

How can any rational person, let alone a judge for heaven's sake, equate less than 4 years of imprisonment with the taking of a human life? Forget about the message this sends to our youth, or to those who doubt that knife crime is a big issue. Forget about the devastation of this man's family, or the wasted thousands of putting this farcical judgement through the legal system. Just explain the logic to me, explain the thought process than concludes with a punishment so woefully, so inadequately fitting of the crime.

I can detect not one lonely iota of common sense in this sentence.

I hope this judge has the decency to step down from the Bar. She is not worthy of her profession.

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